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New Plans and Pricing

by gparra

Before launching the FitPass Network in June, we had been developing the plans for over a year.  What we are striving to do is to provide San Diegans access to quality exercise options through one pay-as-you-go pass at an affordable price. 


NBC News Covers FitPass Network

by mkeplinger

FitPass Network featured by NBC San Diego News, describing our recently launched pay-as-you-go fitness pass.


FitPass Network Adds New Fitness Locations to Downtown San Diego.

by mkeplinger

San Diego's Newest Fitless Locations

In an effort to continuously add more excellent workout options for our members, FitPass Network is proud to offer 5 new fitness locations within San Diego.  With the launch of Downtown San Diego, it brings our total of fitness locations to 25 unique offerings, enough to ensure fitness stays fun and motivating.


Zumba: A Fitness Revolution in San Diego

by amandap

San Diego Zumba Fitness

Everyone knows about the health benefits of exercise. But most people think of workouts as necessary, not fun. That is changing as more fitness clubs include Zumba classes in San Diego as part of their exercise options.

Zumba encourages people to “ditch the workout and join the party!”

Hillcrest CityFest Winners!

by gparra

We opened to the public a couple of months ago, we started with a novel idea, we worked really hard to create a fitness pass that makes it easy for more people to have fun while staying fit, and we created an excellent network of independent fitness providers that continues to grow.


New Location: Wired Fitness Boot camps will kick you into shape

by mkeplinger

Wire Fitness Outdoor Bootcamps in Mission Bay

In addition to FitPass Network’s other great fitness locations across the San Diego area, Wired Fitness Boot camps, with 4 separate locations, has been added to our list of top-of-the-line fitness centers. In fact, we’re proud to say that Wired Fitness Boot camps were voted as one of San Diego’s best outdoor boot camp program by San Diego’s FOX 6.


FitPass Network welcomes Bird Rock Yoga in North PB

by mkeplinger

We welcome Bird Rock Yoga as the newest yoga studio to FitPass Network.  Located in north Pacific Beach, Bird Rock Yoga has been dedicated to supporting the individual growth of their students since 2003 through different types of scheduled classes and by offering workshops and Teacher Training Programs, all while respecting the tradition and observance of yoga as a personal, physical and spiritual practice.

We’ve listened to our members’ wants, needs and desires to have additional yoga studios added to our networks, and we are proud to welcome Bird Rock Yoga of the North Pacific Beach area.

No matter your level of skill and expertise in the practice, Bird Rock has classes to fit you fitness level and personal development goals. In fact, the staff of Bird Rock Yoga are so invested in the individual that they recommend that each person begin in the Level 1 Vinyasa Flow classes to ensure that you are placed in the correct class or classes.


First Experience with FitPass Network: Member's Perspecitve

by lwires


Living in San Diego, I am pretty good at getting at least three to four days of exercise in a week. But sometimes it feels like all that working out isn’t giving me the same results it used to when I first started.

So recently, I came across a new company called FitPass Network.  With this fitness setup, I pay as I go and get to try a variety of fitness gyms, exercise classes and training sessions depending on my mood, as well as the class times and locations.

Culture Shock Dance Center offering Hip Hop, Salsa, Jazz, and more

My first time using the pass, I tried the Tuesday night class at Culture Shock Dance Center. I took the beginning hip-hop with Richie Prospal at 6:30pm. It’s a little tricky to find. It’s in an industrial area off I-5. I had to exit Old Town and turn right onto Hancock. Then, when I found the building, I couldn’t find the entrance to the dance studio. I had to ask someone where to go. They said, “go up stairs and around the corner.” Once upstairs, I walked over to the desk and signed in for the class. It was pretty easy, I just gave them my pass and I.D. and I walked into the studio to wait for the class to start.


5 Reasons Why Joining 24 Hour Fitness is a Bad Idea

by mkeplinger


I stumbled across an article that said in BIG BOLD LETTERS:  I hate 24 Hour Fitness.   Whoa!  I searched google for this phrase in quotes, which limits the search results to that exact phase, and could not believe that I found 3,290 results!!!!  Wow, that is a little extreme, I certainly don't hate 24 Hour Fitness, but there are reasons why it does not work for me.  So I read a bunch of these posts and pages and then asked a bunch of other people to try and understand what the deal was.  This is what I came up with...
5.   It costs more than you think.  Most plans require you to pay a start-up or initiation fee, plus agree to a contract of at least one year.  While, the month-to-month fees seem inexpensive, when you factor in the start-up fees it works out to be much much more.  And that low monthly cost, makes it so much easier to convince yourself to skip the gym just one more day.

10 Free Ways to Exercise in San Diego

by amandap

exercise for free in san diegoSweat baby sweat like the catchy 80’s song you have to work it. As much as I have tried, it seems that the fat on my thighs simply refuses to burn itself off as I lounge. The idea of a costly gym membership annoys the budget-hungry hippy buried in my sparkly earrings. Moreover, since we live in San Diego, why not try to be a little bit more creative.

10. Make Friends